Portishead plan fourth album

Fans shouldn't have to wait too long for the band's next effort

Portishead have revealed that they are planning to work on a new album later in 2008 – part of the reason why they will not play live for the rest of the year.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, guitarist Adrian Utley confirmed that fans shouldn’t have to wait as long as they have for new albums from the band previously.

Portishead released their second, eponymous album in 1997, then waited until earlier this year to release their next album, ‘Third’.


“We are thinking a new album,” Utley said “That’s partly why we’re not touring enormously, because in 1998 we toured for a year and a bit and it just crashed us. None of us wanted to see each other for a while after that.

“We got together the other night discussing stuff and getting a bit of a plan together. We’re all gonna be doing stuff. We’ve finished our touring for this album for this year because of things that we want to do.”