Portishead reveal plans for album number four

Adrian Utley says it won't take another ten years

Portishead have revealed that they are planning to make a fourth record and have vowed its creation will not take as long as their forthcoming album.

‘Third’ is the follow-up to 1997’s ‘Portishead’ and took over seven years to make.

Guitarist Adrian Utley said: “It [album number four] won’t be another 10 years, I swear. Man, it’s just that life passes so quickly, and you get home and do other things and you try to enjoy your life. We’ve got children now, and we just wanted to live life, rather than being slaves to this career, if you like.

“To do a massive tour at the moment would be a folly, I think. If we do a year of touring again, we won’t want to see each other for a while.”

Utley also told MTV News that Portishead are angry ‘Third’ has leaked prior to its release date of April 28, saying: “We’re definitely pissed about it. But I suppose there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only hope that it’s not going to fuck everything up for you, because I think, in this world, there are downloaders and people who buy. I don’t know if you can convince downloaders to buy.

“If we don’t sell records, we can’t make any more records. We’re just not rich people.”