Portishead pretend to ditch new album

Frontman says it's 'pretty good' actually

Portishead have pretended to ditch their third album.

The group, who have not released any new material since their second self-titled album from 1997, had completed all the new tracks in June last year.

Posting on the band’s official websitefounder Geoff Barrow joked: “‘Ello, we have mixed all the tracks and the whole album is shit, so were going to start all over again.

“OK, only kidding… sorry! It sounds pretty good, but we have to go back to a few things in the next few weeks though. it sounds pretty different from what we have done before. I don’t think the fondue society will be happy. Oh well, like the bee joke ends……. Fuk ’em. Bye. Geoff.”

Since their last album singer Beth Gibbons released a solo album, ’Out Of Season’, in 2002 with collaborator Rustin’ Man.