Portishead reveal new album delay

And they have some harsh words for Danger Mouse

Portishead have said they are struggling to make progress on their third album, their first new material for nine years.

The third album will be the first release from the group since 1998’s ’Roseland NYC Live’, and the official follow up to their 1997 self-titled second studio record.

Founding member Geoff Barrow has posted on the band’s Myspace page, explaining that work on the record remains slow.

He said: “Work ain’t good at the moment. We’ve got stuck. Just a few more months and we can really go at it. Working everyday on this fucker. It’s really hard not to sound like you’re doing a bad impression of yourself.

“We should become a boy band…2 blokes and Beth (GibbonsPortishead singer), like Steps. Only a few more to go…stay on target…stay on target.”

Barrow than goes on to dismiss the suggestion that the band should work with up and coming producers like Gnarls Barkley and Gorillaz member Danger Mouse.

“I’d rather poo in my mum’s Sunday roast,” he said, “than have Danger Mouse produce a Portishead record. No offence.”