The Bristol-based band are finally ready to begin work on the follow-up to 1997's eponymous LP...

GEOFF BARROW has told that Portishead are about to commence work on their third album, and has spoken in support of a new website aiming to promote the Bristol music scene.

Barrow was speaking informally to at the launch of the website [url=] in his native Bristol. He revealed that the band are currently resting, but plan to go into the studio in the “early summer” to commence work on the follow-up to 1997’s eponymous second album.

Speaking about his involvement with [url=], a new website aimed at promoting Bristol‘s music scene across the world, he said: “We’ve never had much of a music industry down here, mainly because of how near we are to London. So I think this new site could be really helpful for promoting new bands coming forward. It’s all pop with the major labels at the moment which means there’s little or no investment available for music which might be a little bit alternative.”


Portishead have remained out of the public eye since completing the promotional duties for their 1998 live album ‘NYC’.

However, both Geoff Barrow and Portishead DJ Andy Smith have been working as DJs across the country, and in 1998 Smith released a solo DJ album called ‘The Document’.

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