Post-punkers X release first new album with original line-up in 35 years

The surprise 'Alphabetland' was recorded with producer Rob Schnapf

Post-punk band X have shared their first new album with their original line-up in 35 years.

‘Alphabetland’ is the band’s first full-length since 1993’s ‘hey Zeus!’, and first with all founding members (Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake) since 1985’s ‘Ain’t Love Grand’.

It was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Rob Schnapf, most famous for working with Elliott Smith.


As John Doe revealed to the Los Angeles Times in a new interview, the band were originally planning on releasing ‘Alphabetland’ in August, but the coronavirus crisis convinced them to share it early to give fans something new to listen to while in quarantine.

“Let’s give people—at least our audience and maybe beyond that — something that is upbeat,” Doe explained. “Something that’s new and vital.”

Listen to ‘Alphabetland’ below via Bandcamp.

Further explaining the band’s surprise comeback in the new interview, Doe said: “Exene and I talked about writing some songs five to seven years ago together, but we weren’t sure where it would go.” Doe and Cervenka are long-time writing partners and were married between 1980 and 1985.

“We were doing other creative stuff, and whatever creative force you have goes into whatever’s in place, right? Whether it’s building a car, making a garden or writing a song.”


Cervenka then gave her own version of the story, adding: “Actually, I’ve been writing X songs for 10 years, and finally everybody decided to make a record. That’s the real story.”

Back in 2009, Exene Cervenka was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but has continued to write music and tour.