nme.com unveils the true identity of Pour Homme who are set for a massive hit with 'Born This Way' - and hear the track everyone's talking about...

It’s a mystery that has been foxing the dance world for weeks – just who are Pour Homme, the outfit behind ‘BORN THIS WAY’, the pumping nu-disco track already burning up dancefloors across the UK and a surefire hit?

Well, after an increasingly heated debate over twin decks across the land, nme.com can reveal one half of the creative brains behind the shady duo – he’s none other than Jacques Lu Cont of the NME Premier Award winners Les Rythmes Digitales.

On being challenged with the truth, a spokeswoman whispered: “Yes, it’s him – but he doesn’t want anyone to know. Going undercover gives him the freedom to do something different and bypass people’s preconceptions.”


However, she denied that the other half of Pour Homme was another NME Premier Award winner Jon Carter and wouldn’t give us any clues.

The track, which is released through NuCamp on March 13, sparked the kind of speculation last seen when arguments blazed about whether Scanty Sandwich really was Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook in disguise.

And here’s your chance to hear the track that everyone’s talking about – click here

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