President Barack Obama names Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper as his current favourite rappers

The POTUS revealed his top MCs to US radio host Sway

President Barack Obama has revealed that Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper are among his current favourite rappers.

The President has been vocal about his love of hip-hop and rap throughout his presidency, most recently naming Nas and Chance on his ‘summer playlist’.

As Pitchfork reports, when interviewed earlier today (October 28) by US morning radio host Sway Calloway, Obama was asked “who are your top MCs today? Who are the top rappers in the game today, in your opinion?”

“I think the young guys, Kendrick and Chance are doing amazing work,” the President said. “I love Drake, and [his daughters] love Drake: he’s commercially just doing great, and [he’s] unbelievably talented. And Jay Z’s still the king. I mean, you know, he’s got a track record. Same with Kanye West, so there’s a lot of talent out there.

“But when I look at who’s breaking new ground, Kendrick and Chance, those guys are doing just amazing work,” Obama continued. “And they’re wonderful young men. Chance, I’ve known for years because his dad was my state director when I was a senator in Illinois, so I first met Chance when he was 8 years old, and so we’ve been family for a while. And Kendrick, you know, he’s blowing it up. He’s doing great.”

Listen to the full interview below.

Chance was invited to President Obama’s final White House State Dinner earlier this month, which he attended along with his father. Frank Ocean was also invited to the event, bringing his mother along as his guest.

The President will have to wait a little while before he can enjoy any more Kendrick music, however, as the Compton rapper hinted in an interview with producer Rick Rubin last week that his next album is only at the planning stage.