The wacky popsters now go under the name of The Presidents...

Presidents Of The USA are set to return with a new album this autumn working under the shorter name of THE PRESIDENTS.

The album, ‘Freaked Out and Small’, will be released through Internet-based company Musicblitz ([url=] on September 12. It will be the band’s first since 1997’s ‘Pure Frosting’.

Musicblitz will introduce a new feature called Fan Edition around the record’s release that will shortly allow fans to interact more with the band. As well as being able to buy the album before it is released to the shops, fans can stream regular video updates of the band’s life in the studio and also download further MP3s not available on the album.


Describing ‘Freaked Out And Small’, Dave Dederer nominal frontman of the trio said: “It’s exciting and explosive. We made a conscious decision on this record to avoid mid-tempo songs. It’s a bit harder sounding than our other records, very guitar-driven and garagey sounding. The band didn’t rehearse the songs, just went in the studio, learned them, and then recorded on the spot, taking only ten days to wrap the entire recording process.”

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