The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde calls phone-using fans ‘c*nts’, walks off stage

The outburst occurred at a recent show in Dubai

The Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde reportedly stormed off stage last week, after fans in the crowd used their phones to film her performance.

According to The Sun, after just one song of the band’s Dubai show last Thursday (October 26), Hynde lashed out at fans who were filming the show on their phones, calling them “c*nts”, flipping them off, and storming off stage. As she exited, Hynde reportedly cocked her leg and remarked, “take a picture of that.”

The National also reports that Hynde told fans to ‘stick their phones up their ass’, and remarked that the band “ain’t Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, so if you wanna use your fucking phones, go and see them.”


The band themselves are yet to comment on the show, but a recent Facebook post saw Hynde apologise for cursing at fans on The Pretenders’ UK tour: “I do want to apologise for being a bit of a bitch when it came to camera phones and just being myself in general. As you probably know by now, when i’m not on the stage, i like to retain a very ordinary profile and get embarrassed by uninvited attentions. So if I told anyone to ‘get lost’ – it’s just me being the citizen God intended me to be.”

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