Looks like Mani and Ian Brown are planning a get-together...

Former STONE ROSES bassist MANI has said he wants to record new material with his old bandmate Ian Brown.

Speaking on Sky One’s Tim Lovejoy And The Allstars last night (September 29), Mani praised Ian Brown’s work on new solo album ‘Solarized’ and said that the pair had been talking recently.

“I was speaking to Ian last night,” he revealed, “And I’d rather play with him on some new tunes (than previous material).”

Ian Brown played a full set of Roses material at a show in August, having not played any of the old tunes since the band’s split in 1996.

The move came after Ian Brown commented to The Times in 2002 that he couldn’t “see a day when the Stone Roses would reform”.

Mani is currently in the studio working on the new Primal Scream album.

“I’m just putting tracks down for the new album and it’s going hideously alright,” he continued. “We do love a good Catholic religious holiday so it will be out Easter next year, we don’t work too fast.”