Bobby Gillespie – ‘I’m no Nazi’

Read Primal Scream’s most rock 'n' roll interview ever in this week’s NME

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has rejected accusations that he is a Nazi in this week’s NME.

The singer had been attacked following his performance at Glastonbury last year where he was accused of giving an Nazi salute from the stage.

However hitting back in this week’s cover story, Gillespie insists his anti-fascist credentials are beyond doubt.

“Did I give a Nazi slaute? I don’t know, you tell me!” he declared. “If you look at the things we’ve done in the past like benefits for Satpal Ram [who was jailed for life after defending himself in Birmingham against a racist attack], the Liverpool dockers, the Palestine Refugee children, you’ll know what my politics are. I’m no fuckin’ Nazi.”

Gillespie did however admit that the performance had been a bit too chaotic and organisers were right to pull the plug.

“We needed throwing off,” he declared, “otherwise we’d still be there now!”

For the full Primal Scream interview check out this week’s issue of NME on newsstands nationwide from today (April 12).

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