The band premiered the new song just a few weeks ago - but bass player Mani reckons they'll be "lynched" if they play it again...


SCREAM, a band who in the past have been overtly critical of the US and their

foreign policies, have spoken of the numbness they feel knowing that the last new

song they premiered, just weeks ago, was called ‘BOMB THE


Speaking to NME.COM, bassist Gary

‘Mani’ Mounfield also said the band were “mortified” at the scenes of

horror that have followed the “great tragedy” in New York and


When asked how it feels to have recently debuted

‘Bomb The Pentagon’, he said: “I feel pretty numbed by it. It’s

a very strange scenario to find myself in. We’re in a position where we could get

fucking lynched man, so I don’t know.” Mani said he didn’t know

if the title of the track would be changed and when asked if the band would ever

play it again live he said simply “no comment.”

The song follows others Primal

Scream have written that take a hardline anti-American stance. In an

interview with NME during November 1999, on the release of the

band’s ‘Swastika Eyes’ single, frontman Bobby

Gillespie said the song was about “United States international

terrorism… it’s like America is a white supremacist state, we’re part of her

empire, an aircraft carrier for them.” This position seems to have softened since

the attacks last Tuesday (September 11).

“We’re obviously fucking mortified at

some of the scenes of those poor people who have fuck all to do with somebody

else’s politics,” said Mani. However, he did add, “On the other

hand, America has been the bully boy of the planet and it just proves that

they’re not infallible and it just seems… it’s very strange how they’ve been so

lax to have been got at themselves. It’s a great tragedy.”