Frontman Bobby Gillespie gets excited about the follow-up to 2000's 'Exterminator'...

PRIMAL SCREAM‘s new album is “NEU meets the Beach Boys”, according to singer BOBBY GILLESPIE.

Primal Scream have now almost completed work on their untitled new album, the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Exterminator’. The first single is likely to be ‘Miss Lucifer’, released in June.

Speaking in the debut issue of Jack magazine, the new brainchild of Loaded creator James Brown, Gillespie revealed how the album is progressing.

“We’re doing it in our studio, the Bunker in Chalk Farm”, he said. “It’s going amazing, it’s mostly mixed. There’s about three more songs to go. We’ve just done a track with Andy Weatherall, it’s probably the best thing we’ve done since ‘Higher That The Sun’. One track’s kinda Neu meets the [/a]”. Then there’s some extreme rock’n’roll with Kevin Shields from [a]. Half of the tracks are sort of psychedelic and the rest are quite light rock’n’roll.”

Gillespie also revealed that one of the songs will feature a “40-piece orchestra”.