Fans at last week's J Mascis show in London have contacted NME.COM to express their displeasure at the star's behaviour...

BOBBY GILLESPIE has gone to ground following his attack on a fan with a microphone stand during a guest appearance at J MASCIS show at the SHEPHERD’S BUSH EMPIRE last Friday (June 8).

Despite repeated attempts to track him down and answer the barrage of criticism that has been levelled by NME.COM readers who were at the gig, a spokesperson for the Primal Scream frontman has been unable to reach him.

Gillespie lost his temper after a number fans barracked and spat at him during a cover of The Stooges ‘No Fun’.

The majority of those who mailed NME.COM condemning the attack have confirmed Gillespie struck out after being being goaded, but felt his reaction – hitting a fan around the head with the heavy end of a microphone stand then throwing the actual microphone at them – was excessive.

“Gillespie needs shooting,” wrote Ben Hogg. “What the hell he was doing up there in the first place god knows.”

“Absolutely appalling behaviour,” agreed Richard Jeffrey. “All I did see was Bobby lift his mic stand at the end of ‘No Fun’ and attempt to reach it over the barricade in order to smack someone. Absolutely appalling behaviour – why didn’t he just leave the stage? It is also a shame that no one on the stage attempted to stop him. If he had spat back that would have been fair enough but whacking someone with a mic stand was ridiculous.”

Mrs S. Norris said that Bobby struck out “with such force that everyone was like, ‘whoa !!!!’.” She added that the attack was indiscriminate. “He didn’t even seem like he was aiming for anyone in particular, he randomly lashed out. In fact to prevent him from hitting them again, the people in the crowd hung onto the mic stand.” She felt Gillespie should have be able to handle whatever was thrown at him. “When u play that kind of music, you’re kind of inviting people to act a bit crazier than usual. However, if you’re a performer on stage, you should be used to things like that … and either able to ignore it or make a joke out of it in some sort of way.”

“I saw the guy who got hurt and he was just a kid who had no idea what he’d done wrong, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him who deserved his head to be covered in blood,” said Jo Bangina.

“Pretty much everyone near the front was furious with him,” added Mike. “Quite frankly, Gillespie was lucky to get off stage in one piece. If he’d stuck around for a few more seconds that he did, I’m sure more than one person would have climbed on stage and kicked the shit out of him.”