'Dirty Hits' features material spanning over a decade - though it strangely ignores the band's entire '80s output...

PRIMAL SCREAM are to release their first ever compilation album called ‘DIRTY HITS’ on November 3.

The greatest hits record gathers material spanning over a decade and features cover artwork designed by acclaimed artist Jim Lambie – an old friend of the band.

Singer Bobby Gillespie said, ” Car crashes, near fatal stabbings, death threats, bar room brawls with broken bottles in Texas, jamming with George Clinton maggot overlord, commander in chief of the Parliament/ Funkadelic mothership, duetting with Kate Moss on…’Some Velvet Morning’…The Scream keep rockin’.”


He added: “Citizens of Memphis, Tennessee (we got the certificates to prove it)… Rock’n’roll is our religion…Rock’n’roll is our dream weapon.”

The album will also be released with a limited edition bonus disc featuring remixes by The Chemical Brothers and [/a].

The tracklisting for ‘Dirty Hits’ is:


‘Movin’ On Up’

‘Come Together’


‘Higher Than The Sun’



‘(I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind’

‘Burning Wheel’


‘Long Life’

‘Swastika Eyes 7″

‘Kill All Hippies’


‘Shoot Speed Kill Light’

‘Miss Lucifer’

‘Deep Hit Of The Morning Sun’

‘Some Velvet Morning’ (new Kevin Shields/ Jagz Kooner version)

‘Autobahn 66’

Limited edition bonus remix disc:

‘Come Together’ (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix)

‘Higher Than The Sun’ (Higher Than the Orb mix)

‘Loaded’ (Terry Farley Remix)

‘Rocks’ (Jimmy Miller Remix)

‘Jailbird’ (Sweeny 2)

‘Kowalski’ (Automator Mix)

‘Long Life’ (AKA Living Dub (Long Life Remix by Adrian Sherwood))

‘Stuka’ (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)

‘Swastika Eyes’ (Chemical Brothers Remix edit)

‘Exterminator’ ([a] remix)

‘Miss Lucifer’ (Bone to Bone remix) by [a][/a]

‘Some Velvet Morning’ (Two Lone Swordsmen Alternative Mix)

‘Autobahn 66’ (Auto Ego Remix)


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