But Kate Moss' contribution to 'Evil Heat' might not make it...

PRIMAL SCREAM have confirmed the title and release date of their new album ‘EVIL HEAT’.

‘Evil Heat’ is now released on August 5 via Columbia. The album was recorded in London, and features contributions from Robert Plant, Kevin Shields, Andy Weatherall, Jagz Kooner and Jim Reid.

A collaboration with Kate Moss, a cover of the Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra track ‘Some Velvet Morning’ is also being mooted for inclusion, although it is currently unfinished.

The tracklisting currently runs: ‘Deep Hit Of Morning Sun’

‘Miss Lucifer’

‘Autobahn 66’



‘The Lord Is My Shotgun’

‘Skull X’


‘A Scanner Darkly’

‘Space Blues No. 2’