Bobby Gillespie believes Satpal Ram was wrongly convicted of murder...

PRIMAL SCREAM vocalist BOBBY GILLESPIE has protested outside the HOME OFFICE in central LONDON today (May 2) demanding the parole of Asian prisoner SATPAL RAM.

On November 16 1986, Ram was involved in an altercation with six white men outside a restaurant in Birmingham. After being attacked with a wine glass, Ram produced a penknife and one of his attackers was left with two wounds in his back. He later died, after refusing medical treatment.

Musicians and public figures have been heavily involved in the campaign to free Ram. They believe that he acted in self-defence, and should not have been convicted of murder.

Gillespie spoke at length with NME.COM this afternoon (May 2) outside the Home Office where he, alongside other supporters, including members of Asian Dub Foundation were petitioning for his release.

Gillespie said: “I think (Satpal) was a victim of a racist attack, killed a man in self-defence. He’s been in prison 16 years. I think it’s a miscarriage of justice…enough is enough, it’s time to set the man free. Are they gonna kill him? Is that what it’s going to take to get Satpal Ram out of prison? Are they gonna kill him and put him in a fucking coffin? We want to get him out free and alive.

“It’s a racial issue, but ultimately it’s a human issue. It doesn’t matter what colour skin you are. If it was a white guy I’d be here. I think he’s an innocent man. If you were attacked by six people you would defend yourself. That’s what he did.”

A decision on whether Ram will receive parole is expected imminently. When asked what NME.COM readers could do to show their support, Gillespie said: “NME readers could write to the Home Office, they could look at the Primal Scream ( or ADF ( websites and get information on his case from there. Once they’ve done that and they decide he’s innocent or think he should be set free they can write a letter of complaint to the Home Office or write a letter of support to Satpal in prison, it gives him strength.”

Letters of support should be addressed to:

Satpal Ram,

(E94 164)

HMP Blakenhurst

Hewell Lane



B97 6QS