Chemical Brothers, Kevin Shields and David Holmes lend a hand

Primal Scream will release a brand new single ‘Swastika Eyes (War Pigs)’ on November 1 through Creation Records.

The single, which has been co-produced by the Chemical Brothers, is taken from the Primals‘ still-untitled follow up to 1997’s ‘Vanishing Point’ album, now nearing completion in a north London studio.

The album is slated for release in the New Year but white label copies of the new single are expected to be circulated among DJs ‘imminently’, according to a spokesman for the band.


‘Swastika Eyes’ is one of three new tracks played to NME last week and it sounds, just as Bobby Gillespie claimed in July: “really up, really heavy and propulsive”.

The high-bpm track features a verse of: “Your soul don’t burn/you dark the sun/you reign down fire on everyone”, before the chorus: “He’s got swastika eyes/She’s got swastika eyes.”

It’s the band’s most ‘dance-orientated’ material yet and follows in the tradition of Primal Scream‘s hard socialist political stance.

The two other as-yet-untitled songs are also dark, heavy dance tunes, one of which features Bobby aggressively rapping over a break beat: “I’ll tell you the truth/You’ve got nothing to say/Shine a light on you and you fade away”.

Although the new album features David Holmes, Kevin Shields and the Chemicals, a spokesman for the band was quick to point out the new record was “not a remix album.”

He said: “This album does feature other people on mixing duties and additional production but it’s all Primal Scream.


“It’s a dynamite record.”

No UK dates are planned for this year, but the band are tipped to play around March 2000.