Utah Saints' version of a track by Spek features samples of 'Loaded'...

PRIMAL SCREAM have refused sample clearance for a bootleg produced by the UTAH SAINTS, on a track entitled ‘PRIMALSPEK’.

The track is a bootleg version of a tune by Canadian hiphop outfit Spek entitled ‘Hippie’. The Utah Saints then produced a bootleg for Steve Lamacq’s Radio 1 radio show, overlaying the main chords from the Primal Scream track ‘Loaded’, as well as adding the “We want to be free…” speech at the end.

Talking to DJ Magazine, Spek main-man Yusef Hussein explained: “The Utahs did the bootleg, then had a Christmas gig doing Steve Lamacq’s show. They played the tune and it started getting requested right away. Then it got into the buzz chart and kind of started getting a life of its own.”

However, Spek’s label Echo is reported to have approached Bobby Gillespie with a view to clearing the sample. As a result of Gillespie’s apparent refusal, the band have elected to re-record the tune, removing the ‘Loaded’ lyrics and using different chords.

“If you look at the tune, there are just three main chords used that are the most proto-typical rock’n’roll chords ever,” added Hussein. “So we’re just using ‘Loaded’ as inspiration and totally redoing the track.”

The revamped version of ‘Primalspek’ will be released in mid-April through Echo. Spek’s album, ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’, follows on a month later.