Primals Scream's bassist says he's ready to work again with the former Stone Roses singer in our exclusive interview...

Primal Scream bassist Gary ‘Mani’ Mountfield says he is ready to record again with his old Stone Roses bandmate IAN BROWN.

Mani ran into Brown at New York City’s Soho Grand Hotel last Monday during the Primals’ tour of US and told he’d love to work with him again.

Mani said: “I went, ‘No fucking way man, it’s Ian Brown‘. And we were just all, like, we embraced and even though we don’t see each other in like a year, it’s like we met yesterday.”

“I kind of miss working with the guy. If we wrote a song that merited an Ian Brown excellent vocal then, yeah man, he can do it.

“He’s always been a funky monkey. He’s working with a couple of really good programmers, you know, and more of a technology-based thing. It’s something he’s always wanted to do and I’m happy for him.”

Mani has also been in contact with ex-Stone Roses drummer Alan ‘Reni’ Wren who is working on getting a record deal with his new band. Mani played bass on some of Reni‘s recent demos, but it’s highly unlikely he’ll join the band.

For the rest of our exclusive interview with Mani, where he talks of Reni’s future plans, see this week’s issue of NME, out in the UK tomorrow.