Gillespie and co restage low-budget high-concept battle of Stalingrad on new video...

Primal Scream‘s video for new single ‘Swastika Eyes’ features them dressed as Red Army soldiers and a cameo by supermodel Sophie Dahl.

In the video, the band are chased by an unidentified enemy until they end up in a field camp policed by female commandants, played by top fashion models including Sophie Dahl.

It was directed by fashion photographer Terry Richardson and the director of photography was Alan Sherrod, who worked on Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

Primals singer Bobby Gillespie was keen to explain the message behind the song and video to avoid any danger of misinterpretation or accusations of the band flirting with fascist imagery.

He told NME: “We thought ‘swastika eyes’ was a good image, a great insult applicable to any authoritarian figures whether it be the head of a multinational corporation, the President Of The United States, a policeman, a prison warden, you know, anyone like that.

“The song’s about modern fascism, multinational militarism, the United States’ international fucking terrorism… That’s why we used the image, to get attention. We’re using it provocatively to shake people up.”

The band, who release ‘Swastika Eyes’ on November 8 through Creation, have also revealed details of other tracks from their as-yet-untitled sixth studio LP, out early next year. It is the follow-up to their last studio album proper, 1997’s ‘Vanishing Point’.

As well as the single, the new tracks include ‘Kill Hippies’, ‘Five Years Ahead Of My Time’, ‘Accelerator’, ‘Keep Your Dreams’, which was produced by David Holmes, ‘Exterminator’ and ‘Pills’, which was produced by Dan The Automator.

The band have also revealed they will be debuting material from their long-awaited new album in the Far East. The Primals‘ first date for more than a year-and-a-half will be in Singapore on January 20. On January 23 they join the Big Day Out festival which tours Australia and then they head to Japan.

A Primals spokesperson said the band would not be playing the UK until next year. He said the band were looking at “various ideas” for their UK dates, as they were striving to do gigs that were slightly different. The dates are currently being organised and should be announced soon.

See next week’s NME for a full Primal Scream interview.