Primal Scream want their new songs to make people ‘question authority’

Frontman says he doesn't think rock'n'roll has the "cultural gravitas" that it once had

Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie has said he wants the band’s new songs to make people “question authority”.

The band’s new album ‘More Light’, which came out on May 13, has drawn praise for its politically-charged subject matter. “I’m a conscious person – I’m pretty aware – so I’m writing about what I feel and what I see,” Gillespie explains, speaking in this week’s NME.

“I don’t think a rock’n’roll record is gonna cause any huge social upheavals. I don’t think that’s on the agenda any more. I don’t think rock’n’roll has the cultural gravitas that it once had, if it had any. Maybe it just had some in my mind.”

However, Gillespie also said that he hopes the album will change people’s mindsets. “We haven’t played that many gigs yet, but there’s a lot of different subjects on the record. Songs like ‘River Of Pain’, ‘Tenement Kid’ and ‘Walking With The Beast’, they mean a lot to me and hopefully people can connect with them. If there’s a message, it’s educate yourself, question authority,” he explains.

Primal Scream are now gearing up for their set at Glastonbury on Saturday (June 29). They’ll play a warm-up gig at Coventry’s Kasbah the night before (June 28).

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