Little Steven says drugs prevent Primal Scream from Stateside success

'Primal Scream could be the biggest band in the world,' says Springsteen's guitarist

Little Steven recently criticised Primal Scream, saying that although they are a “fantastic” band, they have never been able to achieve great success in the US because of their “drug addiction”.

Speaking at the South by Southwest Festival last week, Bruce Springsteen‘s long-time guitarist said that the Scottish band needs to develop the stamina to tour the US in order to make headway Stateside.

“I begged Primal Scream to come over (to the US) because I had a whole tour for them,” he said. “Their agent talked me out of it, said they can’t do 20 shows. I said come on man, we do 20 shows a fuckin’ month!”


Little Steven added that even though the band have great talent, he doesn’t have the patience to deal with their “drug addiction”.

Primal Scream could be the biggest band in the world. They’re fantastic when they make rock records once every 10 years but man they can’t tour because he’s a drug addict or whatever he is. I don’t have patience for it. I’m like if you wanna be a drug addict go and be a drug addict — don’t waste my time.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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