Primal Scream too ‘fucked up’ to write for Kylie

Bobby Gillespie was asked to compose a song for the pop star

Kylie Minogue asked Primal Scream to write a song for her, but the band were taking too many drugs to be able to.

Singer Bobby Gillespie explained that Minogue asked the band to compose a track for her in the early 1990s, and even came to see them perform live on a number of occasions.

Speaking to Q, Gillespie said: “She did ask us to write a song for her once, we met her and she was fucking lovely. This was when she was a proper pop star, in 1992 or around about then.

“However, we were too fucked up to even write a song for ourselves at that time.”

The singer also said that Minogue was repeatedly offered drugs backstage at one of their shows, but declined.

He explained: “People were offering her stuff and she said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’. She was lovely.”