Primal Scream defend John Lydon after photo of singer wearing MAGA T-shirt resurfaces

"Fuck the detractors and no-marks who weren't there and have never felt the power of punk"

Primal Scream have defended Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon after he faced a fresh backlash for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ T-shirt in a recently resurfaced photograph.

The Sex Pistols and PiL singer faced criticism on Twitter after a 2018 photo, in which he wore a t-shirt printed with the Donald Trump campaign slogan, was widely shared online.

While the t-shirt prompted widespread and renewed disappointment from Sex Pistols fans, Primal Scream have now argued that many bands wouldn’t have existed without the trailblazing star.


“A lot of people putting down John Lydon @pilofficial on Twitter. (how aptly named) without John / Pistols / PIL none of us would have formed bands and become the artists and musicians we are,” they wrote on Instagram.

“We are eternally thankful for his inspiration to us as teenagers and beyond. He and his bands changed music TWICE. He was THE ACE FACE – most stylish man on the planet 1976-81. John made a difference to our lives. Fuck the detractors and no-marks who were’nt there and have never felt the power of punk. Two sides to every story…”

Reacting to the original photo, one fan wrote: “John Lydon is the most disappointing Sex Pistol and one of them killed somebody”.

Defending Lydon, another said: “I can only conclude that people bitterly complaining about how much their former hero John Lydon has angered and upset them have completely missed the point of their former hero John Lydon.”


In 2017, Lydon described Trump as “absolutely magnificent” and praised the Brexit result.

“He’s a total cat amongst the pigeons. It’s got everybody now involving themselves in a political way,” he told NPR.

“And I’ve been struggling for years to get people to wake up and do that.”