Primal Scream share haunting painting of Bobby Gillespie refusing to do Skibidi dance on BBC’s ‘This Week’

Behold, 'The Portrait of Bobby Gillespie'

Primal Scream have posted artwork that depicts a demon version of BBC presenter Andrew Neil stalking Bobby Gillespie.

It comes weeks after a clip went viral of a stony-faced Gillespie refusing to participate in BBC This Week’s rendition of the Skibidi dance challenge.

The craze dares participants to mimic a rave dance invented by Russian band Little Big, whose video ‘Skibidi’ has racked up 55 million views since its October release.

The Primal Scream frontman’s rebuff on the politics show last month stirred fans into a frenzy – so much so that an artist has now made a painting about it.

Some people have applauding the artwork, which was shared today (November 7) by the band on Instagram.

User ruby_murry wrote: “Amazing👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”, while hume.tom said the painting is “utterly brilliant”.

The artwork, however, had caused others to criticise Gillespie’s guest spot in which he slammed the prospect of a hard Brexit. One user commented that Gillespie “took too long to get his words out” and that “most of what he said was factually incorrect and needed to be replied to.”

NME’s Nick Reilly wrote last month that Gillespie’s sully stint was “pure magic” and “a strong contender for the best TV moment of 2018.”

Meanwhile, Primal Scream have been announced to play the 2019 edition of All Points East Festival in London.