Primavera Sound becomes first major festival to adopt mobile-only tickets

It's part of a move to cut down on ticket touts.

Primavera Sound has become the first major musical festival to adopt mobile-only tickets.

The Barcelona festival is set to ditch physical and “print-at-home” tickets for its 20th anniversary edition next summer.

According to the BBC, organisers hope that the scheme will crack down on ticket touts, after they teamed up with Dice on the new technology.


It’s the latest first for Primavera, which attracted praise last year after  achieving a 50/50 gender balance on its line-up.

According to Primavera organiser Pablo Soler, the new initiative will crack down on touts but will also help the festival to achieve its environmental goals.

Miley Cyrus played Primavera in 2019

While Dice’s app will prevent people from reselling tickets, they can be transferred between devices if you’ve changed your phone or purchased them as a gift.

Refunds can also be directly processed through the app, while a “waiting list” will allow fans to secure returned tickets to sold-out events.


“Anyone who thinks touting can’t be solved should take a look at this. It’s working and it’s working at scale,” said DICE CEO Phil Hutcheon. “I feel like a lot of solutions out there are making it harder for the fans. Our belief is that the only customer we have is the fans, so we ignore everything else and make sure we deliver for them.”

Primavera is yet to unveil its line-up for 2020, but tickets are available here.