Prince confirms new album HITNRUN will be a Tidal exclusive

Prolific songwriter's latest scheduled for September 7

Prince has confirmed his upcoming 33rd studio album HITNRUN – described by his band as “funky”, “experimental” and catering to the tastes of hardcore Prince fans – will be exclusive to music streaming service Tidal.

The record took just 90 days to conceive, record and prepare for release. The confirmed release date follows the unveiling of single ‘HARDROCKLOVER’ early last month.

Despite the Tidal exclusive release of the album and Prince’s prior withdrawal of all his other music from Spotify, ‘Stare’ – released in late July – was exclusive to the rival streaming service. Prince removed the rest of his back catalogue from every streaming service bar Tidal in early July, citing low royalty payments.

Tidal previously worked with the Minneapolis artist on his Baltimore ‘Rally 4 Peace’ concert, streaming the first hour of the show live and matching donations made to local youth charities through the site. The concert took place in memory of Freddie Gray, whose death in Baltimore police custody prompted riots and protests throughout the city.

The artwork for ‘HITNRUN’ has also been unveiled, with the album subtitle ‘Phase One’ suggesting future releases might be on the horizon:


Prince explained the decision to work with Tidal by talking about the way the streaming service works:

“After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay-Z and the team he has assembled at Tidal recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put in to their craft to achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry”, the iconic singer explained.

“Tidal have honoured us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows us to continue making art in the fashion we’ve grown accustomed to, and we’re extremely grateful for their generous support.”

Prince’s band 3RDEYEBLIND gave a little more detail on the album’s style, saying:

“It’s super funky. There are a lot of experimental sounds. It’s just hit after hit and definitely caters to those fans who just love to hear what Prince has to say, rather than wanting to always hear that classic ‘Purple Rain’ Prince sound.”