Prince shares tribute song to Baltimore – listen

The musician wrote the song in response to civil unrest in the US city

Prince has shared the song he has written in tribute to the people of Baltimore.

As previously reported, the musician wrote a new track in response to the civil unrest unfolding in the US city, while also addressing political and social issues throughout the country as a whole.

The completed song has now been uploaded to Prince’s Soundcloud page. You can listen to the track below now, via Fact.

‘Baltimore’ features vocals from Eryn Allen Kane, while Prince played all the instruments on the song, according to the track description. The Soundcloud page also says: “Please know that all involved in this project never take for granted the privileges we have in this country. Let’s all continue to fight the good fight and confront inhumanity on every level until the day it is no longer.”

Confrontations in Baltimore began following the funeral of African-American man, Freddie Gray, last month (April 27). Gray, 25, died on April 19, a week after he was injured while being taken in to police custody. As BBC News reports, Baltimore later declared a state of emergency amid the increasingly violent clashes, which has seen 15 officers injured.

Tomorrow (May 10), Prince will play a Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore. The show will be stream on Tidal for free.

The Jay-Z owned streaming service will remove its paywall and sign-up process and allow visitors to listen to audio from the concert live and for free. Tidal’s homepage will also feature a “match funds” donation button to encourage support for local Baltimore youth charities.

Commenting on Tidal’s support, Jay-Z said: “I am honored to join Prince in his mission to inspire through the uniting power of music and be able to offer a platform where this moment can be shared globally. We invite all to experience the music and contribute in their own way to promote peace, tolerance and understanding.”

“Our prayers go out to Freddie Gray’s family and every family affected by brutality and senseless violence.”