Prince bought the ‘Purple Rain’ house

He was also one of the biggest individual land owners in Minneapolis before his death

Since Prince passed away in April, there have been a number of revelations about his life, including the amount of bad blood there was between him and Michael Jackson, and how he secretly played on a Mobb Deep and Snoop Dogg track.

Now it has come to light that Prince bought the Minneapolis house that was the home to The Kid, the character he played in Purple Rain, the film inspired by his iconic 1984 album of the same name.

According to The Current, the owner of the property is listed as one of Prince’s companies, NPG Music Publishing. He reportedly bought it after it went on sale in summer last year.


The Current also reports that the house from Purple Rain isn’t the only estate Prince owned in the city, with the rock star responsible for over 200 acres of property there, making him one of the largest individual land owners in the city before his death.

Yesterday (July 17) it was revealed that a letter Paul McCartney wrote to Prince went under the hammer at the RR Auction in Boston and went for $14,822 (£11,238). In the letter, McCartney asked the late musician to help him set up the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts. The Beatle wrote that he was contacting “friends and all good people” asking for donations. He also told Prince: “One of these days you’ll have to come and teach a class some moves!!”

When Prince died in April, the fact he reportedly didn’t leave a will has made it hard for Bremer Trust, which administers his estate, to begin licensing deals for his music and image. But last week it was revealed the law firm which represented Prince may have information that could determine how his sizeable estate is divided up.