Unreleased 1986 Prince album by his female alter-ego goes up for auction

Prince pretended to be ‘Camille’ with speeded-up vocals on lost album

An unreleased album by Prince’s female alter-ego Camille has been placed for auction by Prince’s former tour manager.

Made in 1986, ‘Camille’ features speeded-up vocals on its eight songs, which later appeared in regular versions on other Prince albums. It was scrapped weeks before its release, with all copies supposedly pulped.

No mention of Prince had appeared in publicity for ‘Camille’, which is being sold by his former tour manager Karen Krattinger via auction house RR. Bidding ends on Wednesday (September 14), which currently stands at $4,840 (£3,645).



Of the eight songs, three appeared on ‘Sign O’ The Times’ (‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’, ‘Housequake’ and ‘Strange Relationship’); two became B-sides (‘Shockadelica’ and ‘Feel U Up’), one was on ‘Black Album’ (‘Rockhard In A Funky Place’) and ‘Good Love’ was Prince’s song on the soundtrack of Bright Lights, Big City.

One song, ‘Rebirth Of The Flesh’, has never officially been released, though it has been widely bootlegged.

‘Camille’ is being auctioned alongside 18 other Prince albums and promo singles including ‘Alphabet Street’ and ‘When Doves Cry’.

Other items Krattinger is auctioning via RR include a ‘Purple Rain’ era shirt Prince wore, signed Prince photos and a voodoo doll of Prince which Krattinger was given when she left working for his Paisley Park firm in the 1980s.

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