Prince’s law firm may have information that could help determine his rightful heirs

The musician had apparently failed to make a will before he died in April

The law firm which represented Prince may have information that could determine how his sizeable estate is divided up.

A court order released yesterday (July 13) says the firm, Minneapolis-based Henson & Efron, “might possess confidential information potentially relevant to the determination of the appropriate beneficiaries” of the musician’s estate.

Though the information is confidential, a Minnesota-based legal expert told Billboard that “it’s probably something less than a will”.

When Prince died in April, the fact he apparently didn’t leave a will has made it hard for Bremer Trust, which administers his estate, to begin licencing deals for his music and image.

This has been complicated by an ongoing dispute over who is entitled to inherit his considerable fortune. Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, his six half-siblings and two men who both claim to be the singer’s sons are all involved in the dispute.

A court has recently ruled that Bremer Trust can make licencing decisions relating to Prince’s music and image until November 4, at which point they will have to begin consulting with his heir(s). Prince’s estate is estimated to be worth $300m (£225m), but half of that could be taken by state taxes because of his lack of a will.