Prince premieres new song online

'PFUnk' addresses legal squabbles with fan sites

Prince has commented on his reecent online legal tussles with fans via a song on a new website,

The website’s name, as well as the capitalised letters in the title of the new song, ‘PFUnk,’ seem to be a reference to ‘Prince Fans United,’ an organisation of webmasters whose sites have received cease-and-desist notices in recent weeks over alleged copyright infringements.

The song’s lyrics send a decidedly mixed message: “I love all y’all” sings Prince at one point, “but don’t you ever mess with me no more”.

Sounding like ‘Sign O’ the Times’-era Prince, the song’s high-pitched vocals even suggest that the purple one has dug out his old ‘Camille’ voice-changer.

‘PFUnk’ isn’t the first time Prince has commented on legal matters in his music. His 1996 record ‘Chaos And Disorder’ was supposedly influenced by contractual disagreements with Warner Brothers, and the same year’s sprawling three-disc ‘Emancipation’ is said to have grown out of relief at being released from those contracts.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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