Elton John joins Prince onstage in London

Pair perform Beatles' song together at O2 Arena

Elton John joined Prince onstage last night (September 13), as the two stars performed a cover of The Beatles‘The Long And Winding Road’.

John’s appearance at the O2 Arena was unannounced and he came on during the encore, with Prince playing guitar while John sang.

The two stars hugged after completing the song, and Prince said to the audience: “You know who it is – Sir Elton John!”, reports BBC News.

Elton John had been spotted in the audience before the encore, and the crowd had cheered when a camera focused on him and beamed his image across large screens.

Prince played further covers later in the night, playing The Beatles‘Come Together’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin during the aftershow party later on in the night.