Fans upset after the destruction of the family home which inspired the 'Purple Rain' movie and LP...

PRINCE fans have spoken out after the star demolished the family home which inspired his famous 1984 album and film ‘PURPLE RAIN’.

‘The Purple House’, which stood on Lake Riley in Minneapolis, was knocked down two weeks ago – it had been a site of pilgrimage for Princefans for years.

Disgruntled fans have flooded unofficial Princewebsite Prince.org with complaints.

One fan said: “There was such history in that house – a lot of ‘1999’, ‘Purple Rain’ was recorded in the basement studio.”

Another fan said:” It is a shame, historically speaking you know. It could have been made into a museum perhaps one day. A Minnesota historical site.”

Prince recently fell out with his sister, Lorna Nelson, over their late father’s will, but her attorney said the demolition had nothing to do with her.

The star’s lover, Manuela Testolini, is also rumoured to be pregnant so he could be planning to build a larger house on the same site or could be moving to Canada, where he owns another property.

Prince was set to play Glastonbury this year, but festival organiser Emily Eavis said the two parties were unable to reach an agreement.