'The Work - Part 1' will be available from Friday...

PRINCE is set to debut his new single, ‘THE WORK- PART 1’, on NAPSTER from Friday (April 6).

The single is lifted from his forthcoming album, ‘The Rainbow Children’.

Prince, by far the biggest world star to positively promote the embattled MP3 file-swap software provider, said: “What record companies don’t really understand is Napster is just one illustration of the growing frustration over how much the record companies control what music people get to hear,” according to [url=]

Napster founder Shawn Fanning added: “Prince is truly a visionary. I’m honoured he is working with Napster to promote his music.”

Meanwhile Fanning, Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and other Napster supporters have travelled today to Washington DC to attend a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the rights and wrongs of the file-swapping application. Click here to read more on this story.