For one night only, it's the 80s again...

Belle & Sebastian – as previously reported on – make their first ever live TV appearance this Saturday when Sky One revives 80s pop show The Tube for one night only.

Also appearing on The Apocalypse Tube are Travis, Robbie Williams, Underworld, Carl Cox, The Artist (that’s Prince to you) and Paul Weller.

It will be fronted by Radio One‘s, erm, cuddly Chris Moyles, the beast to co-presenter’s Donna Air‘s beauty (“I’ve fancied him for ages,” she confided to NME. “That’s why I’m doing it!”). The show will come directly from the original programme’s Newcastle studio and – run for your lives! – it will reunite Paula Yates and Jools Holland.


The Tube was first of all an entertainment show and secondly a music show, so we’ve incorporated lots of comedy alongside the music. It will have all my favourites playing like Macy Gray and lots of DJs too!” MTV presenter, lads’ mag favourite and friend of the stars Donna Air enthuses. She’s heard the new Oasis album, too, apparently.

The Apocalypse Tube goes out live on November 20, 9pm-midnight on Sky One. It will be repeated on Channel 4 at midnight on New Years Eve.

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