The expiry of his publishing contract means the superstar is no longer known as an unpronounceable symbol...

Prince has reverted back to his original name following the expiry of his publishing contract with record label WARNER-CHAPPELL.

Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol seven years ago following a dispute with the label, claiming that it was stifling his creativity by limiting how many records he could release.

Speaking at a press conference in New York yesterday (May 16), Prince said: “On December 31, 1999, my publishing contract with Warner-Chappell expired, thus emancipating the name I was given before birth, Prince, from all long-term restrictive documents. I will now go back to using my name instead of the symbol I adopted to free myself from all undesirable relationships.”


Prince will play a concert in Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis on June 13, the culmination in a week of events organised to coincide with his 42nd birthday. Prince fans will also be able to visit his studio, Paisley Park, which will be open for parties and guided tours.

Following the festivities, Prince claims he wants to “study things of a spiritual nature”, but may undertake a US tour in July and August.