But he wholeheartedly supports the internet revolution...

THE ARTIST F.K.A. PRINCE has launched lawsuits against nine web sites run by fans, alleging that they are responsible copyright and trademark infringements including selling bootlegs and offering unauthorised music downloads.

The actions were filed on February 25 in the Southern District of New York District Court; he is taking action against GeoCities, the search engine and free web space host.

He is seeking financial compensation as well as an injunction putting the sites offline forever. He also filed a similar suit against Swedish magazine Uptown Productions.


The Artist/Prince has just re-launched his own site, called Love 4 One Another (, overseen by his Paisley Park organisation and staffed by fans who formerly ran their own Artist/Prince web pages.

Included on the site, as well as downloads of new songs, news and photos, is an article by The Artist under the title An Open Letter To Madonna in which he recounts a dream in which Madonna helps him to regain control of recordings made for former label Warner Brothers.

In an e-mail interview with US site SonicNet, The Artist threw his support behind Chuck D‘s vision of a downloadable digital future for music.

“Simply and practically put: Creators of the future will rise or fall by their own hand. With access 2 music becoming more and more easy, there will b (sic) a more personalised relationship between the listener and the speaker. This evolution is inevitable,” he said.

Is it hypocrisy of him to sing the praises of Chuck D on one hand but sue his own fans on the other? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!