Prince’s Paisley Park compound to open its doors to the public in October

It will follow guidelines left by the late artist for his private estate to be turned into a museum following his death

Prince‘s Paisley Park compound, where he both recorded and lived up until his death in April, will be open to the public from next month.

Located in Chanhassen in his home state of Minnesota, Paisley Park became both a residence and a place of creativity for Prince after construction was completed in 1988. The artist intended the compound to become a museum after his death, leaving behind guidelines on such aspects as how he wanted visitors to walk through Paisley Park during the tour.

As Rolling Stone reports, Paisley Park will open its doors to the public on October 6. Although access will only be granted to the first floor of the facility – the basement vault, the elevator where Prince was found dead, and his private apartment on the second floor will remain strictly off-limits – visitors will be able to visit twelve different rooms (which have all been decorated thematically to document a particular era of his career) and his recording studios.

A source close to the project told the publication that there is a treasure trove of Prince memorabilia contained within the compound, including vintage outfits (including his Super Bowl halftime show apparel from 2007), a book with 40-to-50 pages of handwritten lyrics, and a secret room that housed unreleased video footage. “Everywhere I turn, it’s ‘Holy crap,'” the source said, before revealing how much thought Prince had put into plans for the museum. “We’re seeing e-mails he sent four months before his death that say how he wanted it. He wasn’t foreshadowing anything, [but] he always wanted his fans to come here. He left us a big road map.”

Prince’s family have said that they want to keep Paisley Park operating as if the artist was still alive. “We don’t want the place to be known as something that’s a memory or is dead,” said his half-brother Omarr Baker. “As long as Paisley Park is kept alive, my brother is kept alive.”

There are also plans for the 12,400-square-foot soundstage – and the nightclub based next to it – to put on live performances and club nights in the near future.

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