Supposed inheritors of Prince’s estate object to DNA tests

Pair claiming inheritance through Prince’s brother say they don’t need more testing

Two of the people who have staked a claim to a share of Prince’s estate have objected to having DNA tests.

Brianna Nelson and Jeannine Halloran both say they are entitled to a claim on Prince’s estate as they are related to Prince’s half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr.

Brianna Nelson says she is Duane Nelson Sr’s son, while Halloran is filing on behalf of her young daughter, who can only be identified as VN. Halloran says VN is Duane Nelson Sr’s granddaughter, which would make VN the grandniece of Prince.

Nelson and Halloran have filed their claim to Prince’s estate at Carver County District Court in Minnesota. They have now stated their objection for the court’s order to take blood and genetic tests to prove their relationship to Prince, whose real name was Prince Rogers Nelson.

Both women claim that, because they have offered proof of their relationship to Duane Nelson Sr and his relationship to Prince, that this satisfies local Minnesota laws on presumption of paternity.

Following Prince’s death aged 57 in April, it was revealed that he didn’t leave a will. It’s assumed that his six siblings and half-siblings – including Duane Nelson Sr – will share his £350 million fortune equally.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson has asked that a special administrator be appointed to distribute his estate.