Prince collaborator theorises late star ‘took pills to keep the show going’

Reports since singer's death have suggested he suffered from chronic hip pain

One of Prince‘s former collaborators has discussed allegations that the late star was addicted to painkillers.

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota last month (April 21), aged 57. Although a cause of death has not yet been announced, police have confirmed that they are looking into the possibility that Prince died from an overdose of prescription drugs. It was recently alleged that the painkiller Percocet was found in Prince’s system during an autopsy.

Now speaking to Us Weekly, Sky Dangcil – who DJ’d and played violin for the musician between 2000-2007, theorised that Prince could have taken pills to cope with hip pain.

Prince could have “took the pills to keep the show going”, Dangcil theorised, adding that it was clear at the time that his health was becoming a “bigger problem”.

Meanwhile Prince’s hairdresser Kim Berry told Us that Prince “was always in a lot of pain” due to “30 years of jumping off speakers with four-inch [heeled] shoes on.”


Police have questioned the doctor that prescribed Prince drugs the day before his death.

It was recently confirmed that Prince had no known will and that DNA tests has been called for to determine who is entitled to his estate.

His death recently inspired the introduction of new legislation in Minnesota.