Prince estate dispute inspires new legislation in Minnesota

'Prince Act' was introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives on Monday (May 9)

The ongoing dispute over Prince‘s estate following the late musician’s death has inspired the introduction of new legislation in his home state Minnesota.

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Chanhassen, Minnesota, aged 57. It was recently confirmed that Prince had no known will and that DNA tests has been called for to determine who is entitled to his estate.

Billboard now reports that the Minnesota House of Representatives introduced a new bill named the PRINCE Act (Personal Rights in Names Can Endure Act) on Monday (May 9), which would protect usage of a deceased person’s likeness, including their name, image and voice, giving extended control to the person’s estate. This would last 50 years after the person’s death. A similar law already exists in 17 US states.

Minnesota’s House Civil Law Committee will hold hearings for the bill on Tuesday (May 10) and Wednesday (May 11). It must be passed within the next two weeks to come into action.


Prince does not have any known children but The Daily Mail recently reported that up to 700 people have claimed to be entitled to a share of Prince’s estate.