DNA tests to determine who is entitled to Prince’s estate

Move comes to prevent false inheritance claims

A judge in the US has authorised a DNA test to determine who is entitled to Prince‘s estate following the singer’s death last month (April 21).

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota, aged 57. It was recently confirmed that he had no known will.

Now, according to the Guardian, lawyers have been given permission to obtain a sample of Prince’s DNA.

A judge ruled that the move would help prevent any false paternity and inheritance claims that should arise in the aftermath of the musician’s death.

Prince does not have any known children but The Daily Mail recently reported that up to 700 people have claimed to be entitled to a share of Prince’s estate.


Minnesota district court Judge Kevin Eide said that parentage issues could come up as the probate case goes forward. He gave estate administrator Bremer Trust authorisation to analyse Prince’s blood and undertake other genetic tests required for the administration of the estate.

The value of Prince’s estate has yet to be confirmed, but it is reported that his back catalogue of music alone is estimated to be worth in excess of $500m.

The judge overseeing the Prince estate case has authorised genetic testing on a sample of his blood in case it’s necessary to determine who’s entitled to shares of the estate.