Drug enforcement officers confirmed to be investigating Prince’s death

Police are looking into possibility that star died from an overdose of prescription drugs

Reports have confirmed that drug enforcement officers are involved in the investigation surrounding Prince‘s death.

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota last month (April 21), aged 57. Although a cause of death has not yet been announced, last week police confirmed that they are looking into the possibility that Prince died from an overdose of prescription drugs.

The Hollywood Reporter now claims to have confirmed that both the US Attorney’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are assisting in the Minnesota police’s investigation.

“They have agreed to provide federal resources and expertise in our investigation,” Jason Kamerud, spokesman for the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, reportedly said on Wednesday (May 4).


Earlier this week, it was claimed that Prince was scheduled to meet with an opioid addiction specialist the day after he died. However, these claims have not yet been verified.

Since his death, tributes to Prince have ranged far and wide with President Barack Obama stating “Today, the world lost a creative icon” and musicians including Madonna, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Katy Perry leading the tributes.