Prince’s personal chef reveals musician was frequently ill towards end of his life

Singer's diet changed and he was losing weight, says Ray Roberts

Prince was eating less and losing weight towards the end of his life, the musician’s personal chef has revealed.

Ray Roberts worked for Prince for the last three years and cooked all of the meals at his Paisley Park home, as well as joining him on tour.

Speaking to The Assosciated Press (via Billboard), Roberts confirmed that he noticed a change in Prince’s diet in his final weeks and added that his boss was regularly ill too.


“It felt like he wasn’t himself probably the last month or two,” Roberts said. “I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot.” The chef added that Prince would have sore throats or seem like he wasn’t feeling well for “weeks at a time,” this year.

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His regular diet of roasted beetroot and spicy soups changed as he started drinking smoothies and fresh juices to soothe his throat and stomach.

Roberts cooked for Prince the evening before the musician was found dead at his home. However, the roasted red pepper bisque with a kale and spring vegetable salad went uneaten. The cook said he found the plate of food in Prince’s fridge when he returned to the property following news of the death.


Last week police confirmed that they are looking into the possibility that Prince died from an overdose.

After police officials confirmed that Prince was found with prescription drugs at the time of his death, it was announced that investigators are looking into whether Prince died from an overdose and whether he had been prescribed drugs in the weeks leading to his death.


However, police have denied reports that they have asked for help on the case from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). A warrant has also been granted to search Prince’s Paisley Park home as part of the investigation.

Since his death, tributes to Prince have ranged far and wide with President Barack Obama stating “Today, the world lost a creative icon” and musicians including Madonna, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Katy Perry leading the tributes.