Five days before his death Prince warned fans: ‘wait a few days before you waste any prayers’

The singer was recently forced to make an emergency landing due to poor health

Prince, the music icon who died aged 57 today (April 21), told fans at his last public appearance to ‘wait a few days before you waste any prayers’.

He was not performing at the ‘Paisley Park After Dark’ dance party, which took place on Saturday night (April 16) at Paisley Park, his estate in Minnesota. However, he made a stage appearance to show fans his new guitar, below. After the gig he tweeted, “THANX EVERYBODY 4 UR EXTRA TIME & UR…”, later tweeting another image of the revellers there.


Prince’s health difficulties over the last week have been reported in various news outlets. They claimed that the singer’s private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Illinois on April 15 for health reasons; he later spent a short period of time in hospital there. The next day, he appeared in concert. Sources close to Prince said he was suffering a “bad bout of flu”.

His last live performance took place a week ago, at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Below is footage of his performance of ‘Purple Rain’ there.

Since Prince’s death was confirmed a few hours ago, tributes to the legend have poured in from the music world from Chance The Rapper, Slash and more. See them below.