Prince fans invited to Paisley Park to mark fifth anniversary of his death

Devotees of the Purple One will be able to visit his home for free next month to pay their respects

Prince fans are being invited into Paisley Park next month to mark the fifth anniversary of the legendary singer’s death.

The iconic artist died on April 21, 2016 of an accidental fentanyl overdose at his home estate in Minnesota.

To mark the five year anniversary next month, fans of the Purple One will be allowed into the atrium of the star’s home – now a museum – to pay their respects.


A statement read: “On the fifth anniversary of the passing of the incomparable Prince, Paisley Park, his home and creative sanctuary, is opening its doors for fans to pay tribute and celebrate his life.

“Guests are also welcome to leave flowers, mementos, and other memorial items in front of the Love Symbol statue outside the Paisley Park main entrance.”

An online memorial will also be available for fans unable to travel to the event.

Paisley Park atrium.

Before his death, Prince gave his blessing for his home and studio complex to be opened to the public as a museum in the event of his passing. The exhibition opened at the end of October 2016 after a number of delays, which permits visitors access to certain areas of the complex – including the Purple Rain room, where the script, piano, costume and motorbike used in the film (as well as the Oscar Prince won for the work) is on display.

In 2017, to mark the first anniversary of Prince’s death, a three-day event was held at Paisley Park, featuring live music, panel discussions, guided tours and more.


Last year, a new statue honouring Prince was installed at Paisley Park. The statue, which is a copy of the Prince’s iconic ‘Love Symbol’, stands over 3 metres high and almost 2 metres wide and is located at the late musician’s studio and estate.

A plaque at the base of the new statue features lyrics from Prince’s 1985 song ‘Paisley Park’ and says: “For love is the colour / This place imparts (Paisley Park) / Admission is easy, just say you / Believe and come to this/ Place in your heart/ Paisley Park is in your heart.”