Prince’s vault of unreleased music is ‘set to be unlocked’

"It was always Prince’s plan to release those songs".

A secret vault that contains hundreds of hours of unreleased music by Prince will reportedly be unlocked in order to maintain his legacy.

Tyka Nelson, the sister of the iconic musician, claimed that the late music icon had always intended for his fans to hear the music contained within the vault, which is situated at his Paisley Park home.

She told The Sun: “It was always Prince’s plan to release those songs. I want what Prince wants. We have to preserve everything. So as soon as we can release it, don’t worry — we sure will.”

Along with unreleased demos and new versions of classic Prince tracks, the vault is said to also contain extensive concert footage and live recordings.

It comes after Universal Music Group announced a £29 million deal to release the music earlier this year, which later collapsed after failed negotiations.

Tyka added: “If he wants his music released then it will be released. If he wants a museum, then that’s what we are doing now. Prince also wanted a school. I plan to make it a reality.”

Yesterday, it was also announced that a Prince exhibition featuring rare and iconic items from the singer’s life will open in London later this year.

The exhibition will include guitars, stage costumes, jewellery and items from iconic tours such as Purple Rain in 1984 and LoveSexy in 1988.
Opening on October 27 at the O2 in London, the Prince exhibition will run for 21 days.